's Trust
"Bringing America Together"

Dotti Mavromatis
Executive Director
America's Trust is a non-profit, non-partisan research and public policy organization that aims to bridge partisan and other divisions in order to facilitate the process of responsibly addressing the challenges facing the United States. To accomplish this long-term goal, America’s Trust seeks to bring experts, leaders and policy makers together across party lines to encourage honest dialogue on important issues facing America, and to provide them and the public with new ideas and research to stimulate innovative problem-solving. For more info, click here 

6 E Street, S.E.
Washington, DC 20003

Mission Statement
America's Trust is a nonprofit research, public policy and social welfare organization. Its goal is a government that: (1) is fiscally responsible (2) guarantees our country's national security (3) effectively promotes the United States' interests in the world community and (4) generates new opportunities for American families and businesses. America's Trust will work toward this goal by fostering an open and honest discussion about the future of our country. Starting from the proposition that the role of government in our society should be both effective and positive, the group will develop ideas and policies intended to create:

    • a strong, growing economy that gives all Americans the chance to work, save and succeed
    • an educational system that prepares young Americans to compete and win in the twenty-first century market place and
    • an international system in which Americans can feel secure and can freely travel and conduct business.

    The group's approach will be pragmatic. It will acknowledge that innovative, constructive ideas can come from many different sources. It will work to promote this approach and to steer ideas towards the vast cultural and political middle ground where most Americans live and work. The same pragmatic, common-sense approach that our great leaders have used in the past to meet the challenges of this great nation should continue in the future. This organization will not endorse or support candidates for public office or any political organizations.